FIKA it’s a small coffee break. A moment during the day, for which it is worth stopping for a moment. It’s time for yourself, for friends. A moment of breath, time for a bit of true relaxation during busy day. I am very close to the Scandinavian philosophy of happiness “hygge”, which focuses on enjoying joy and celebrating everyday pleasures.

An important role is played by all small items that are friendly, enjoy the eye and add space to the mood. My products are created with the user in mind and for the user. They are made of the highest quality materials, intended for contact with food, covered with non-toxic enamel.

My design is socially responsible. I consciously use materials and my products are environmentally friendly. My ceramics will revive any interior, like a morning espresso. All collections have been created for people who are demanding, who like peace and harmony. My products are handmade in small series. They complement each interior styling.



During a break at work, I like to sit in my comfortable chair, cover with my favorite blanket and drink coffee from my favorite mug. Then I’m relaxed and I feel that ideas come to my mind. I like to have exclusive things around me, then I feel really special. This is also my ceramics. My main task is not only to create in the comfort of my own studio, it is also meeting people, answering their needs and creating beautiful things together. I put my heart into every project and my hands follow what the mind tells you.


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